Voting System

To ensure fairness and transparency, all the votes of the core jury will be published and made viewable to the public.

The marks will be based exclusively on the submitted recordings.

The decision of the jury will be final and indisputable. 


Core Jury

A list of shortlisted finalists will be selected for the core jury to adjudicate. The core jury will then listen to all the shortlisted finalists. These will be judged on the recording alone. The submissions will be judged based on the following system:

Each judge will give each competitor a single score out of 25. For each competitor, all the scores s/he is awarded will be added together and then divided by 10 (in order to find the average score awarded to the competitor by all 10 core jury members). Each competitor will thereafter receive a single score out of 25 which will be his/her average. The score will be calculated to two decimal places and can range from 0.00 to 25.00. The ranking of the competitors will be based on these scores (ie. the highest score per category will be awarded the highest prize of the category).