Age Categories

  1. Junior Category: 14 and under. (Born on or after December 2, 2003)

  2. Intermediate Category: 15-17. (Born in between December 2, 2000 - December 1, 2003)

  3. Senior Category: 18+. (Born on or before December 1, 2000)



  1. Junior Category: A recording of up to 10 minutes of free repertoire.

  2. Intermediate Category: A recording of up to 15 minutes of free repertoire.

  3. Senior Category: A recording of up to 20 minutes of free repertoire.

The duration of each submission can be up to 10% over the time limit. For example, for the junior category, a recording can be no longer than 11 minutes. The length of the recording will be calculated from the start of the first note until the end of the last note.