The New Stars International Music Competition is sponsored by BAM International and Promote Classical:

Renowned across the globe, BAM is the world leader of the musical cases industry. In addition to their high-tech cases for string instruments, BAM provides a comprehensive selection of accessories of the highest qualities for a range of wind instruments. 

We are proud to have BAM sponsoring us and donating 5 special awards to our talented New Stars.

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Promote Classical are a new arts marketing agency, charging just £20ph for all services offered. They currently provide the following services to Musicians, Institutions and Organisations from across the musical world:

  • Flyer and Poster Design
  • Social Media Management and Consultation
  • Arts Crowdfunding Management
  • Custom Illustration
  • Graphic Design for Social Media
  • Arts Photography
  • Concert Biography and Musician's CV proofreading, editing and copywriting
  • Electronic Press Kits

... And many more services. You can discover their full range by visiting their website below:

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Former sponsor of the New Star's debut series:

First launched in 2014 by two Cambridge musicians, Encore has since grown to become the UK's largest online musicians network, with over 10,000 performers involved. The mission is simple: a future where live music is everywhere and booking a musician is possible at the touch of a button.

For musicians, it offers a free platform to showcase their musical ability, and notifies them of music jobs relevant to their location and instruments using the Encore App. For music-lovers, Encore is quite simply the fastest and easiest way to find and book great performers for any event. 

Discover Encore for yourself at:

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Media Partner

This competition's media partner is:






Associate Composer

Alexander Proudlock



Festival Partners

This project is currently in partnership with the following organisations:

Crescendo International Music Festival (USA)


New Virtuosi International Mastercourse (Italy-UK)