About Us


Artistic Director - Shiry Rashkovsky

Executive Director and Founder - Itamar Rashkovsky

Founder - Dmitry Daniel Askerov

The idea for the competition was conceived during Dmitry Askerov’s and Itamar Rashkovsky’s participation in the 2013 Kloster Schöntal International Violin Competition in Germany. Askerov and Rashkovsky were discussing some of the difficulties involved in international competitions. These included the financial risk (travel and accommodation), the lack of transparency in adjudication and career stagnation to name but a few. 

This project seeks to fix these negative aspects in the following ways:

  1. Being fully online, Competitors don’t have to partake in such a large financial investment to travel just in order to participate.

  2. Our commitment to fair adjudication means that we aim to make this competition as apolitical as possible. No students, past or present, of our jury members will be allowed to compete.

  3. Being able to submit recordings also gives the Competitors the opportunity to send a performance with which they are happy. Sometimes, especially in high pressure situations, it’s not always possible for musicians to perform how they planned. Now, participants have multiple shots to record themselves. This allows them to submit an application where they can play the way they truly want to. As such, the competition eliminates arbitrary factors such as fatigue from international travel, jet lag and having to compete during unusual hours (musicians are used to perform in the evenings as opposed to the early morning).

  4. Jury members can listen to each Competitor multiple times. It's easy to forget that the Adjudicators have one of the hardest jobs in any music competition. Typically, they have to listen to dozens of musicians consecutively. This brings about a number of problems. First, it's hard for Adjudicators to be fully focused for so many hours. Second, it's even harder for Adjudicators to compare and contrast the last Competitor's performance with the first Competitor's performance that took place 3 days and 50+ performances earlier. Here, at New Stars, we strive to make the competition process easier not just for our Competitors, but also for our Adjudicators. That's why each Adjudicator has unlimited and unrestricted access to all submitted performances so that they can be confident in the decisions that they make.

  5. Our mission is to promote young and new artists. Often, competitions aren't that beneficial to one's career; the prize money is disposable and the concert opportunities are limited. This project seeks to ameliorate this. Instead of offering prize money, we offer other prizes that are directly beneficial to the career and exposure of the artist. These prizes include accessories, string sets, recital opportunities and scholarships to attend and perform at International Music Festivals across the world.